DROZDZIAK1(7)              Curious Visitor's Manual                DROZDZIAK1(7)

    drozdziak1 - a.k.a.  Stanisław Drozd, a C developer based in Warsaw, Poland,
    huge GNU/Linux nerd,  C++  and  JavaScript  skeptic  (but  not  an  enemy!),
    faithful admirer  of  the  FLOSS  movement,  technical  knowledge  omnivore.

    drozdziak1 <thesis> [arguments]

    drozdziak1 is a general purpose human able in various fields.   His  efforts
    are mostly focused around learning  new  things  and  keeping  (sh)it  real.
    He loves performing creative tasks,  especially  those  which  put  Computer
    Science and Mathematics to a good use. Whenever things get too technical, he
    likes   to    take    refuge    in    composition    of    C64    chiptunes.

    In his work, drozdziak1 values  the  use  of  outside-the-box  thinking  and
    solutions that keep in mind the future.

    Using this blog, drozdziak1 hopes to give what he had  learnt  back  to  the
    community and share his thoughts on various topics, thus returning  some  of
    the value.

    Linus Torvalds,  Greg  Kroah-Hartman  Julia  Evans,  Free  Electrons,  Sarah
    Sharp, Brian W.  Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, the K&R  book,  Andrew  Ng,  the
    Machine Learning course on Coursera, Kernel Newbies,  LKML,  Gustavo  Duarte